dsprime June 2, 2022

New Delhi (India), June 2: Neeharika Reddy IAS Academy is proud to offer scholarships to the students of Sankalp Junior college. “We believe in helping young people succeed in their careers, and we are committed to providing the best education possible. Our scholarship program will help motivated students achieve their dreams and reach their full potential. We are confident that these scholarships will inspire the next generation of leaders!” says Sirisha Raman, Director of Neeharika Reddy IAS Academy.

Though they clear difficult entrance exams, many motivated students drop their seats at top colleges due to financial instability. To help these students, Neeharika Reddy IAS Academy has started a scholarship program this year. It is open to all the students of Sankalp Junior college who have 90% attendance and above in academics. The scholarship will be given based on marks scored in 12th standard and Rank secured in entrance exams. The scholarship provided by Neeharika Reddy IAS Academy will help many students from economically weaker sections to follow their dreams and succeed in their exams.

Neeharika Reddy IAS academy, one of the top institutes for UPSC coaching, has taken many initiatives before, like personally mentoring UPSC aspirants, free coaching to UPSC aspirants from economically weaker backgrounds and providing paid internships aspiring lawyers, etc. The academy has produced more than 65 UPSC rankers to date. This time, Neeharika Reddy IAS academy wants to encourage and support science students who want to pursue engineering, medicine, or pure sciences by providing scholarships.

Sankalp Junior college, Almasguda, is one of the prominent Intermediate colleges in Hyderabad which provide top class coaching for JEE and NEET along with intermediate. It has produced many ranks in JEE, and NEET, including state, ranks in the Intermediate exam.

For more details regarding the scholarship, Contact: +91 9959783851, or  you can visit https://neeharikareddyias.com/

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