dsprime December 10, 2021
Philanthropic activities of Mr. Harish Jagtani and HJ Foundation

India, December 9: “Charity isn’t about pity; it is about love.” These lines of philanthropist and Noble peace prize winner “Mother Teresa”, always find their true meaning as and when we talk about the Harish Jagtani Foundation. Located in the Kinshasa City of the Democratic Republic of Congo, this foundation is helping thousands of people across Africa and beyond in multiple ways.

Whether it’s spreading awareness about Chikungunya or helping the needy with food, healthcare, and shelter, the Harish Jagtani Foundation is leading the way on the CSR front in DR Congo.

Just last year, the Harish Jagtani Foundation, Led by renowned philanthropist Mr. Harish Jagtani, performed over 100 free surgeries on patients suffering from cataracts and glaucoma.  The foundation launched an ophthalmological campaign called DON DE LA VISION for achieving this big feat of providing light to 100 families.

What’s more? The HJ Foundation is working day and night to make another campaign successful. The campaign is regarding giving free dialysis coverage or renal failure treatment to the needy.

Just last month, on 28th October, the Minister of Public Health, Hygiene, and Preventive inaugurated the dialysis centre at HJ hospital Kinshasa.  The free dialysis centre is operational for low-income group people at HJ hospital Kinshasa.

HJ Foundation is working closely with HJ hospital and the Democratic Republic of Congo’s government to ensure free and accessible kidney dialysis even for destitute people.

Last Month, Harish Jagtani Foundation launched a free dialysis campaign.

The foundation now and then highlights the importance of having universal health coverage for all in DR Congo. They’re working in a completely professional manner to fight against epidemics and endemics in the Congo. With the vision to bring affordable health care closer to the most vulnerable people of DR Congo. Dr. Aimée Lokulutu of the HJ hospital categorically said that the campaign will focus more on offering dialysis and then on Kidney transplants.

People having kidney issues and an inability to afford the high prices may register themselves with the HJ Foundation. Based on the total number of registration, the foundation will establish an agenda to treat and make all those people healthy. The foundation is not necessarily focusing on the treatment, but they’re giving equal importance to encouraging people in adopting healthy lifestyles for disease prevention.

The Harish Jagtani Foundation is actively working in coordination with the Indian embassy in Congo and brought BMVSS team Jaipur foot to DR CONGO. Jaipur foot or Jaipur leg is a rubber-based prosthetic leg highly beneficial for people with amputations. When we contacted Ms Roshni Punjabi at HJ Foundation, we came to know that from 1st December 2021, the Jaipur foot campaign is going in full swing, and already, more than 128 handicapped patients are fitted with Jaipur foot prosthetic limb at the Harish Jagtani Foundation’s camp in Kinshasa City. A special camp to fabricate and fit 500 false limbs for people who have been handicapped due to various reasons is being put up by HJ Foundation. This camp will be free of charge, where the people who have lost their limbs will be given new limbs and made to practice the use of their limbs to once again start living lives like earlier, completely free of charge. This camp will be a life-changing event for the 500 people that will be benefitted in the first phase of this campaign.

More about Mr. Harish Jagtani

A businessman by profession and a philanthropist by heart, Mr. Jagtani is known for being one of the most respectable expatriate businessmen in Congo.

He is president of the HJ group of companies under which HJ hospital functions providing quality care to Congolese people.  He founded HJ foundations in the year 2016; since then, the foundation has taken thousands plus small to large initiatives for societal welfare.

Contributions of the Harish Jagtani Foundation during times of pandemic are ineffable. The operations of the foundation and the head visionary, Harish  Jagtani, has been admired globally.

The Harish Jagtani Foundation aims to grow further and cater to different ailments in the future. We wish all the best to the HJ foundation for their endeavour to bring quality health service and more to all.

HJ foundations work in a nutshell 

  1. Awareness campaign for Malaria, Chikungunya, Dengue, and other diseases
  2. 100 + free surgeries for glaucoma and cataracts patients
  3. Providing Jaipur foot to hundreds in association with Congo government
  4. Free coverage of dialysis for downtrodden
  5. Specialized treatment/advanced surgery for poor
  6. Food assistance program at multiple places
  7. Gender equality march
  8. Free malaria screening at orphanages
  9. Masks & disinfectant gel delivery
  10. Organizing youth fair
  11. Jaipur Foot campaign

To know more, visit – https://hjfoundations.org

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