dsprime September 30, 2021

Business Mint is back with Nationwide Awards Restaurant & Hospitality Awards – 2021, Mumbai & Pune Edition. Restaurants, Nightclubs, Home Chefs, Food and Brands will be among the award categories

New Delhi (India), September 30:  Business Mint announces the Nationwide Awards Restaurant & Hospitality Awards – 2021, Mumbai & Pune Edition, a new award for the hospitality industry. The hotel industry is a global behemoth that encompasses some of the most entrepreneurial, diversified, and client-focused firms on the planet. Despite adversity and certainly no time has been more adversity than today – restaurants and bars around the world will once again see amazing success.

For the time being, we’ll continue to celebrate the achievements of those who work in the luxury sector, including some of the best restaurants and chefs. Here are outstanding experiences provided by best-in-class restaurants, nightclubs, home chefs, food brands, and so on. After all, only a team’s united efforts, working in unison, can result in excellence.

In a year when the hotel industry has been hit hard, the perseverance and inventiveness of enterprises around the world have been amazing. While eating as we know it has been put on pause, luxury hospitality has continued to reign supreme on a global scale, thanks to restaurants and bars around the world demonstrating tremendous entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to customer experiences.

The Nationwide Awards Restaurant & Hospitality Awards – 2021, Mumbai and Pune Edition is the pinnacle of an extravagance restaurant’s achievement, offering recognition for earning the respect of guests and industry players alike, and by awarding restaurants and best hospitality across various award categories.

As a result, we are able to recognize the achievements of some of the world’s finest food and beverage establishments this year, paying tribute to the dedication and hard work of the people behind the scenes – chefs, owners, waiters, bartenders, front-of-house staff, kitchen staff, and more – who work in perfect harmony to deliver truly unforgettable luxury dining and drinking experiences.

Nationwide Restaurant & Hospitality Awards – 2021, Mumbai and Pune Edition is a prominent recognition event for the hotel and hospitality sector that honors the top hotel’s Restaurants, Nightclubs, Home Chefs, Food Brands. Restaurant and Hospitality Awards are granted based on client feedback as well as information gathered from our own sections. An expert panel of judges then sorts and categorizes the nominees on a regional basis.

This year, the Nationwide Awards Restaurant & Hospitality Awards – 2021, Mumbai and Pune Edition has attempted to focus on a broader range of businesses and has thrown the program to all corners of the globe to showcase those who create memories and provide outstanding service to all who enter their establishments.

(https://www.nationwideawards.org/) is the link, where you can get the winners supplement.

List of “Nationwide Awards Restaurant & Hospitality Awards – 2021, Mumbai and Pune Edition” Winners:

  • Dadus Sweet Emporio – Best Authentic Sweet Shop – 2021, Pune
  • Bakul Catering – Best Caterer of the Year – 2021, Pune
  • August 1 Five – Best Emerging Café of the Year – 2021, Pune
  • Kokoscoop – Pune’s Unique Ice Cream Brand- 2021
  • The Dough Therapy – Best Emerging Pizza Chain of the Year – 2021, Mumbai
  • Dario’s Restaurant Café Bar – Best Emerging Italian Cuisine Restaurant & Café – 2021, Navi Mumbai
  • Jhama Sweets – Best Authentic Sweet Shop – 2021, Mumbai
  • Vinz Nutribowl – Best Emerging Healthy Food Restaurant – 2021, Thane
  • Arome – Best Emerging Fast Casual Restaurant of the Year – 2021, Thane
  • Rohit Wadewale – Most Promising Maharashtrian Snacks Fast-food Chain of the Year – 2021, Pune
  • Bawa Group Of Hotels – Best Modern Hotel Chain – 2021, Mumbai
  • The Spoon Story – Best Takeaway Concept of the Year – 2021, Mumbai
  • Love & Gheee – Promising Home Foods Brand – 2021, Mumbai
  • I N D O C A F E – Best Emerging Café of the Year – 2021, Mumbai
  • Dev Uncle Kitchen – Best Authentic Punjabi Restaurant ( Veg ) – 2021, Pune
  • Switch Deli and Kitchen – Most Innovative Food Menu Award – 2021, Pune
  • The Happyy Cup Cafe – Best Emerging Premium Thick Shake Brand – 2021, Mumbai
  • Ramada Plaza by WHYNDHAM – Most Preferred Business Hotel of the Year – 2021, Pune
  • Brijus – Promising Chocolatier of the Year – 2021, Pune
  • Cuk-Nuk 24 – Promising Frozen Food Products Brand – 2021, Pune
  • Opa! Bar & Cafe – Restaurant with Outstanding Greeko Mediterranean Ambience and Interiors – 2021, Mumbai
  • Urbo Kitchen and Bar – Kitchen & Bar with Outstanding Ambience and Interiors – 2021, Pune
  • Green Soul Kitchens – Most efficient food delivery services of the Year – 2021, Pune
  • Crazy Cheesy – The Best Continental Café Chain of the Year – 2021, Pune
  • Rare Earth The Vegan café – Best Vegan Café of the Year – 2021, Mumbai
  • Big Bang Community – BBC – Best Regional Rooftop Lounge of the Year – 2021, Pune
  • Oye Madrasi – Best Emerging Restaurant Serving Best South Indian Cuisine of the Year – 2021, Mumbai
  • Nakshatra The Royal Wedding – Promising Luxury Venue of the Year – 2021, Pune
  • The Flour Works – Most Promising European-style Restaurant – 2021, Pune
  • BHUTU’S KITCHEN – Most Efficient Food Delivery Services of the Year – 2021, Mumbai

Mr. Vinay Kanth Korapati, Founder of Business Mint says, the winners of this year’s Nationwide Awards Restaurant & Hospitality Awards – 2021, Mumbai, and Pune Edition have been announced by Business Mint. I’d like to congratulate all of the businesses who participated in this year’s award program. Despite the massive losses the hospitality industry has suffered as a result of the epidemic, you have managed to stay afloat and continue to provide the best service possible. We are honored and grateful to have had the chance to work with you. I want to express my heartfelt congratulations to everyone who was nominated and recognized for this year’s program. It’s always a pleasure to reach out and interact with businesses of all kinds and locations, and this year has been no exception. To all of the 2021 Hospitality winners, I wish you a successful year in 2022.

About Business Mint:

Business Mint is the one-stop destination to serve organizations and entrepreneurs for their professional advancement through research and recognition approaches. Business Mint is a platform for associations and business people where individuals get acknowledgement for their diligent effort. They try to perceive the unimaginable business thoughts, adventures, and great individuals behind them that get it going at any expense.

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